Friday, July 23, 2010


Suit, tie. Hair, dark and combed, very polished. Expensive shoes and expensive watch. You looked dapper as hell. I hadn’t seen where you came from but I watched where you were going. I held up my camera and snapped. No one seemed to notice. You did not notice. You kept on, you and your confident stride and sickening cheekbones. I snapped again. Perfect shot. Perhaps you were thinking about something important, something that made you clench your jaw and furrow your brow. And that very beautiful moment I captured. If only I could sit here for hours and watch you walk by, over and over again.

the grin

Behind the glasses his eyes were ocean green. I licked the side of his cheek, up to the bottom of the frames. He smiled and I could feel the muscles in his stubbled face flex and I knew beautiful white fangs were bared, I could feel his breath. His body was warm, almost hot and his hand cuffed around my arm. I felt the animal crawl out of the cage and I started to shiver. The claws would be next. They will tear a hole right through me. He will eat me alive.